Tuesday, May 7, 2013

All the money in the world

So you are going to make a claim! Think carefully about it.
Your sanity will be put to task. Your relationships with family and friends will take a battering, but  you will then really know who your friends are. Your ego and emotions will take a flogging and you will age rapidly.
You will have self doubts about yourself to the point of losing your sanity.
You will be made to feel like a criminal, I would rather get mugged in the street again than to go threw what I am going threw now.
Being violated with there promises and lies, having your things taken from your property and not returned.
My grandfathers and fathers tools have been taken and not returned as they said they would not do.
They speak on the phone to there bosses like you are not there saying things like this bloke thinks his stuff is worth a million dollars. No its not worth a million dollars but it was my stuff paid for by sheer hard work, many of whom do not know what this is like. My father worked long hours to get what he got, sending a semi load of spuds to the Sydney markets only to get a bill back for transport costs. Yes I know what it is like to go to bed cold and with out food in my stomach.
Sorry for digressing.
In forty years I have made several small claims which were paid with out trouble, the thing is they keep statistics and they know what they will not pay for and what they will and if they have to pay they have a clause in there contract with you. Have you seen the real contract? not there little book with what you can and cannot claim for.
The contract is like a mine field and just as deadly. If you sue them they automatically take the matter to the supreme court where the whole lot is overturned. Now you owe them money for costs and they are not about to let you off.  They have the statistics and they know the results before you even make a claim.
Its not worth all the money in the world so I suggest to forget it and not insure,  you will be much better off.

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