Saturday, April 20, 2013

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NRMA unfair claims denyl

The NRMA have denied my claim with a unfair decission that they have sujested i dont deserve my claim because of bad communication & accusations on how the car was stolen which i didnt have any idea of how the car was stolen, so now that states to them as unco-operative to their investigation??? i dont see how this is relevant to the claim & their policy as they can deny your claim with no real reason. Has this simular situtation happend to you if so please tell your story or even a past story on how the insurance company are so wrong in so many ways.
I have been waiting for 6 months with no car, job or money. I am also pregnant & fear of a miscurage from the mental stress they are putting me through, they have stalled my case for so long then after waiting so patiantly to be denied on nothing to do with the theft of my car or thier policy?? They should not be able to get away with this as they are gurting innocent people & loyal customers, Its an Outrage & they need to be looked into more thoroughly on their so called ACT!!!!  

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Hi there, Can you please advise if you had any resolve from your claim?? i fear i may be going though a similar issue with NRMA as my car was stolen in May this year. I am still waiting on an outcome and every time i call they have nothing to tell me. After the initial 28 days i called because i hadn't heard anything, then a week later (after multiple calls to them) they told me it was being referred to an external agency to investigate further. i was contacted a week later and was interviewed (as was my sister). I have provided all documentation and done everything that was asked of me. I have called over and over with no new info provided except in one phone call that my case officer had been on leave and because of that my case was still being reviewed. i have 2 children i am in financial ruin, so even if they pay out my claim i am not going to be any better off.. i have no ability financially to purchase another car. and I am starting to get incredibly frustrated and just want it to be over so i can get on with making other arrangements (still not sure what they will be). i have decided to call the ombudsman because i feel that this claim is getting ridiculous, but i thought i'd take a look at any similar cases while i wait for them to reopen tomorrow. if you have had any luck i'd appreciate your response, if for nothing else then some comfort that i am not alone. Thanks :)

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