Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As most of my readers know from That I got flooded in Gundagai. The claim was for a right off and I got a pittance payment of $16K there abouts. That was when I settled for $17.000. I decided to sell the house remember the house was insured for 146K and re insured for 156K with an dubious engineers report.
The valuation from the local real estate agent was $30,000 less the demolition costs of $10,000
I lived in this house for 5 years and all the time I was repairing and renovating the place like the house in Junee which went from $10K to $130K in two years.
My runs were on the board, What happened to the Gundagai house, the price buying at $55K and going to 20K .The answer is flood damage that is 146K minus the 16K leaves a missing amount of $130K the amount the insurance company and the engineer and building company ripped me off.
Not Right  My Assessor (NRMA) you do the sums and give me the answer. I would apologize to you for writing this blog but this will never happen the same as you will never treat policy holders with respect.
Yesterday you had me in tears with the black dog snapping at my heels but I will never give in to you bastards.
Please take me to court as I do not have the money to take you.....
                                                         The mould in the Kitchen.

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