Friday, April 19, 2013

Such is life

"Such is life"

Flooded again this time the shed went under destroying all my tools and mowers. Being away at the time the water was left to stew with rust occupying the whole of the shed. The last couple of weeks has been spent removing the rubble and making a insurance claim. This is some thing I suggest you never do as your health will suffer and your premiums will skyrocket.  Mine have gone to nearly $2000 so I will have to bear the brunt of future disasters.This is the thanks you get for your loyalty of over forty years. As Ned Kelly once said "such is life"
Who was I insured with, none other than the Kelly Brothers Bushrangers Insurance and Banking Company a subsidiarity of the We Take Your Superannuation Fund run by the Australian Government. Who also run the Highway Robbery Speed Camera Company.
Yes "such is life" and gone with Ned Kelly is the moral obligations of a society.

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