Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crowd funding

Crowd funding, This is similar to insurance but the middle man has been removed. Sounds good in theory but does it work?
 Unions are also like insurance you pay the premium (dues) and then you get help when you need it. It never worked for me.
Clubs in Australia are similar again you join use there poker machines and they take your money all on a promise of winning.
Then there is the advertisements buy our product and win a free car with the second chance draw where they get your details in writing and they sell the information and you then become a target for everyone and his dog with a phone. Does not work for me.
Have you ever heard of who the winner of the car was I haven't.
Not Right My Assessor (NRMA) is advertising giving away a free car if you pay them the premium.
The premium at Not Right My Assessor (NRMA) is a million dollars and we give you a new Chery valued at $9,990 Au. Apply here.

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