Friday, May 3, 2013

Gundagai Premium

The Not Right My Assessor (NRMA) insurance company has sent me a new policy and has a premium of $1,080.80 and is covered for $170,540.00 with an excess of $300.00 knowing the house has preexisting conditions. Yet when the claim was made they stopped payment for these preexisting conditions. Do they think I am nuts a complete fool to give them more of my money knowing I will never get a penny from them in another CLAIM. Remember a claim is something you never do to an insurance company, If you do you will loose your health and maybe your sanity and if you pay them money you might be on the sanity slide already.
I remember when I notified NRMA of a claim for flood the girl behind the counter said best of luck making a claim for flood better if it burnt down you would have more chance of succeeding. This was said in front of my best mate.
I got a real estate valuation for the house it was $30,000 minus the demolition fee.
Are they NUTS or are they starting a new company Nuts Rooting Many Australians (NRMA)....
I have shares in IAG trading as NRMA insurance company, anyone want to buy them....

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